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EPP 35″ Sbach 342




Possible V2 in the future.


Product Description

[box style=”white rounded” ]This one is a very clean flying foamy. Using carbon to stiffen the chassis much like an indoor plane would. This stiff airframe allows the plane to fly better, as well as handle more wind, and challenge your 3D skills.[/box]


laser cut foam, carbon, wire,

heat shrink tube, tubular motor mounts,

motor mount screws, ply control horns




Additional Information






10-12oz AUW

Wing Area

1.22 sq/ft

Horz Area

2.39 sq/ft

Vert Area

1.06 sq/ft


  1. :

    I was really impressed with how well it flew, it flys more like a depron plane than a EPP Plane. The airframe is stiff and I didn’t see any tail twist when doing rachet rolls, which is very rare for a epp plane. Knife edge is very true and there was no need for any mixing, it does some of the tightest knife edge loops that I have ever seen. I also noticed that it snapped better than other epp designs (again probably due to the stiff airframe.) Knife edge to knife edge snaps were really easy and stopped instantly when the control pressure was released.

  2. :

    WOW!! This thing is f’n awesome!

  3. :

    Here’s my take on it. Flat spins are crazy flat both upright and inverted, good KE spins are possible which is odd for most foamies from my experience, harriers are solid, rollers are quite easy nice and slow for me and blistering fast for more experienced/skilled pilots, it has enough weight to carry through tumbles, snap rolls and waterfalls nicely. In the end i find it a lot of fun to fly, though it did take me several flights to get used to it and a few minor setup changes.

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